Monday, March 31, 2014

Jukz Shoes Creates Huge Buzz At The Campus Marketing Expo in Dallas, TX

The expo has two parts, a training parcel and an exchange show. The eduction parcel recently wrapped up and the exchange show began on Sunday.

"It's a spot where we get to interface with university book shops, physical offices and college chairmen from everywhere throughout the nation," said de la Valdene.

Skin Problems

University authorizing is a significant part of Jukz Shoes' methodology. Jukz's shoes are an immaculate fit for physical projects. As stated by de la Valdene, "university licenses permit Jukz to join with scholars, folks, and graduated class in a staggering manner that was awhile ago just accessible to bigger organizations that maker abroad," said de la Valdene

Jukz realizes that games fans love their game. They likewise realize that individuals are energetic about their school. It's a characteristic fit.

"The primary day of the show was amazing," said de la Valdene.

Jukz Shoes was equipped to system with colleges and universities like Duke, Oklahoma, USC, North Carolina, North Carolina State and book shops from schools the whole way across the nation. Group universities from South Dakota to Maine halted by to look at the games shoes.

Jukz Shoes supported the meetings best gathering Sunday night at St. Ann's. All expo actively present people were welcomed. Jukz accumulated TJ Broscoff and Johnny Cooper to play.

June Jones, the mentor of SMU's football group dropped by the gathering.

CAMEX goes through March eleventh. Meeting members that halted by the Jukz Shoes stall and dropped off a business card had a chance at free shoes, caps, and rucksacks.

To discover more data about getting your logo or mascot on a couple of Jukz, please visit the site at

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