Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Experienced Healer’s New Book Teaches Kids How To Tap Into Real Magic

Nowadays, when we hear the saying "enchantment," we for the most part consider epic planets populated by wizards and witches. In any case there's a whole other world to enchantment than fiction, and in his introduction title, "The Handbook of the Magician" (ISBN 1495450082), 10-year veteran vitality healer Johan Oeyen demonstrates how we all can attain it in our lives through the marvels of inward peace, mindfulness and recuperating.

A short book that says a lot, "The Handbook of the Magician" layouts the strategies Oeyen has used to attain extraordinary achievement in his mending practice and acquaints bookworms with the steps they can take to eagerly start their recuperating. Direct, delicate and straightforward, it shows generally eager data in profoundly available terms that even our most youthful bookworms can comprehend and appreciate.

Actually, "The Handbook of the Magician" was deliberately composed with the goal that it could be perused by, or to, kids, so as to encourage their inalienable particular powers right off the bat and help them sharpen their capabilities not to battle off winged serpents, monstrosities and legendary mammoths, however to fight the true adversaries in our regular world, including disarray, issue and ailment.

"At the point when perusing 'The Handbook of the Magician,' I have the inclination of perusing straightforward truths that may have been around as long as we have, and that we may have overlooked about whether. These truths are certain to help grown-ups and kids apparently equivalent handle the ideas of mending and achieve the higher frequencies of psyche," says Azim N. Khamisa, 2011 victor of the "Art of Mind Magazine" Spiritual Hero of the Year Award.

"The Handbook of the Magician" is accessible available to be purchased online at and different channels.

Prepared vitality healer Johan Oeyen has been earnestly helping individuals experience emotional, element changes in their lives in excess of 10 years. Utilizing the novel methods depicted as a part of his introduction title, he has guided people through fights with late-arrange tumor, perpetual ache and regenerative issues, in addition to different issues, and has seen firsthand the marvels we are all fit for accomplishing. He has likewise dared to make peace and recuperating on the planet by serving on the leading group of magnanimous establishments.


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